Milky`s Diary on Limb Lengthening in Kiev
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Welcome To My Home Page

This homepage is to introduce my experience of limb lengthening in Kiev in detail. I had been following the XXXX message board and its links for about an year without any other input. As some proverbs say doing is easier than thinking, I decided to take the surgery in mid February 2002. I just hope my surgical journey will end without major problems........
Self Introduction
Age: 20s

Sex: Male

Profession: Medicine

Goal: Increase tibial length by 2.5 inches using internal method

Comment: Sorry in advance for many mistakes in my English. It is not my language.

View of Kiev from the hospital window


I used travel agency to deal with the Ukrainian embassy on the visa issue. Basically, I filled an easy form and handed a letter from the Drs in Kiev sent by an e-mail. After 3 weeks, I was able to obtain the visa with no problem.

Bank & Money

I decided to prepare USD 25,000 in total to bring in Kiev. 21,000 for the operation and 4,000 for extra. For the benefit of easiness, safety, and cost, I decided to transfer the money to their account after I had full explanation of the surgery and physical examination in Kiev.
The actual money that I brought with me was 500 USD in Travelor check and 400 USD in cash.

What I brought specifically for this trip

Pain killer (Ibuprofen ;recommendation of previous patient), Tone phone(recommendation of a previous patient; I will leave this when I leave this country), Sleeping pills (I have never used them in the past), oral antihistamine and steroid ointment to deal with anykind of allergy

What I should have brought

Russian or Ukrainian dictionary and other studying materials (I should have guessed it is difficult to get these. Books sold are mostly for Ukrainian to learn English which is not very useful)
Short pants. At least 2.
Small towels at least 3.


10/13 Start communicating with doctors

12/5 Obtain Ukranian VISA


2/15 Arrive in Kiev

2/18 Examination

2/21 Operation

April-May go home